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The company was founded in 1991 by private individuals who, until that time, had played an active role in the dairy industry and foreign trade.

From the very beginning the company's core activity has been in exporting dairy products, in particular milk powders and butter. This trend has been preserved to this day, however the assortment has been expanded to include cheese, condensed milk, sweet whey powder, demineralised whey powder, UHT milk, liquid products, baby nutrition, dried mixtures and consumer products.

In 1993 the company purchased a majority share in Jihlavské mlékárny a.s., now called Moravia Lacto a.s., Jihlava and in 2006 managed to expand dairy division to include two further dairies Bohemilk, a.s. Opočno and Mlékárna Olešnice RMD, whereby the group strengthened its position particularly in the area of long-life dairy products, curd, white cheese and the gastro range, including ice cream mixes, drift-ice drinks and baby nutrition.

In 2000, the company decided to invest into agricultural enterprises in the Jihlava region, striving to achieve more efficient linkage of producers and processors. The company grew as a result becoming a relevant producer of feed mixtures and pork meat.

Export and import activities represent around 90% of the company's annual turnover. Exports are mainly directed to China, the Middle East, Russia, the Balkan countries, South America, and the European Union. Within the Czech Republic the company assumes a leading position among producers of dairy products.

Aside from dairy products, INTERLACTO is ready to offer its professional services to arrange customs and veterinary clearance, laboratory analysis and logistics, as required by the customer.

In professional terms, Interlacto is a member of the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic (FFDI) and a member of Eucolait (European Union of Dairy Commodity Traders).

All the production plants within the dairy division at INTERLACTO Czech Group are certified according to BRC, IFS Standards. Practically the entire line of products has been awarded the KLASA classification and the Czech Product classification which is only awarded to high quality Czech food products.

Dairy division

Moravia Lacto, JSC
The dairy's history dates back to 1928, when the German dairy "Zentralmolkerei für Iglau und Umbgebung, G.M.B.H." began production. Members of the cooperative were solely of German nationality.

Bohemilk, JSC
The history of the Opočno dairy dates back to 1936. It was built in the heart of eastern Bohemia, referred to today as the Hradec Králové Region. The dairy processes the best quality milk from the foothills of the Eagle Mountains, one of the least polluted areas.

Dairy Olešnice, farmer dairy cooperation
Several enterprises operate using the Olešnice Dairy brand, all of which rank among the most important on the Czech market. The Olešnice Dairy produces, sells, imports and exports dairy products.

Jima – spol, Ltd
sale of dairy products

Lacto Morava, JSC
sale of dairy products

Agricultural division

ZZN Jihlava, JSC – trade in agricultural commodities
Selma, JSC, Jihlava – pork production
DV Batelov – crop production, beef cattle, poultry
ZEOS Kamenice – crop production, dairy cattle
ZD Dolní Cerekev – crop production, beef cattle, poultry
ZS Zhoř

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